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Wash and care of wheat pillows

The material of the wheat pillow

A wheat pillow is made of cotton or linen, natural materials that can give and take moisture. The wheat pillow is filled by whole wheat. It is the moisture in them that makes that the pillow can get warm and keept the warmth.

To wash a wheat pillow

The wheat pillows will get teared and dirty as any textile. It is not easy to wash a wheat filled pillow. A loose washable cover is recomended. It protects not only against dirt, it makes the pillow a longer life. Lysts covers are made in prewashed fabric, and therefor preshrunk, but it is possible they will change size a little.

A cover in linen is recommended to wash in 40 deegrees C, but linen can stand 60, if necessary. Centrifug linen very MILDLY or not at all.

To remoisture a wheat pillow is important

The moisture in a wheat pillow will disappear as time goes by, used pillow or not. The indoor air is dry. A dry pillow will not get warm. To avoid this, put a glas of water into the micro oven as heating the pillow. The water will remoisture the pillow. Another way is to spray the pillow gently by water before heating it.

When trying to heat a to dry pillow, the risk is that the pillow can begin to smell and in worst case begin to burn.


How long must I heat my wheat pillow?

A big wheat pillow often need 3 minutes in the micro oven, but please try it out by your oven. To reheat a wheat pillow as it starts to cold, half the time normally will do. A pillow in size of a eye pillow, will need about 30 seconds. A small wheat heart, that fits in the hand, only need heating about 15 seconds.

To heat the wheat pillow in the micro oven

A little bigger wheat pillow, as the shoulder pillow, is rather big, but usually fits OK in a micro that has room for a plate and a micro plate cover. Put the pillow in a up side down cover, or a bowl, as heating the pillow. It keeps the pillow gathered, it will not touch any wall or stop the rotation of the oven. NOTE that one must not pack the pillow tight, the looser and more open the pillow is placed, the better! The heat must get into every part of it equally.

To heat in a electric kitchen oven.

If one is not a owner to a micro oven, it is possilbe to heat a wheat pillow in a regular electric oven. It takes some more time, but it works. A pillow is placed in a bowl/someting that can stand the heat in the oven/ and is heated in 125 degrees C in about 25 minutes.

To cool a wheat pillow

It is possible to cool a wheat pillow. Put it in plastic and let in the frezzer for at least one hour. Test the time out. Small wheat pillows can be in the freezer for a while, it does no harm to them. The pillow will be cold, but not stiff. Cold wheat pillows are lovley hot days, on feverhot heads and aiching bumps.


Shower your wheat pillow gently, to moisture it.
  Put a glas of water into the micro asyou are heating the pillow.

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