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What form does Lyst in Life make for you?

Finally it was the word Lyst, that caught my imagination. It takes place in the sentense  "bara till lyst", and means someting just for the beauty of it. It is an old expression, and it fits me fine, because I find much of my  inspiration in old textile, life and handicraft.

To me Lyst in life is about our beloved nature, the importance of its pureness, the choice of healthy products in genuine materials, and about choice of quality before quantity. It also is about my inspiration in the treasure chest of the handicraft and folk art and its pattern, technics, wisdom and knowledge. In that world is care about resoures and sustainability only natural, a part of the expression.

In my own way, I want to make a tribute to the work that was done, often from women in their homes. I want to contibute to understanding and respect to the time, the work and the knowledge that lays in  handicraft. It is a link of lives and destiny over time, where we all take part. Now and then is bound toghther.

In my creating, I let that come to life, letting my collections exist like lines in the time. They are not born in hurry, to live like a mayfly. My thought is that a collection, a line, shall remain over more time, and grow by more products as time goes by. The diffrent lines runs side by side, parallel in time. New collections, lines, will appear by inspiraton. The one it may appeal to, can return and find old and new favorits.

Welcome to share my vision of crafting in natural materials, inspiration in folk art and a long living sustainable fashion, standing outside trends.


Smörblommor vid vädergrå gärdesgård  

Lyst Form AB, the little designcompany in Dalecarlia, Sweden, is led by Pernilla Hoffer Jansson.

My Grandmother had attended a housekeeping school in her youth, and was very fond of weaving, so the interest made it natural for me to attend a textile craft teaching education. After a work about national costumes, the interest for handicraft grow stronger, just like the respect.

Pernilla lives with her family at the countryside in her dream house, an originally log cabin house, that now is restored, and built bigger in natural materials that goes well to the origin time of the house.


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Lyst Form AB - Gonäsheden 31, 771 94 Ludvika - www.lystform.se -  e-postadress - 070-37480 46
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