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Lyst Christening robes inspired in traditions, for generations.

A tribute in my own way, a step in the chain of time, what once were, they who were,  and that will become.

It seems me thoose thoughts exists when it is time to
WELCOME A CHILD TO THE WORLD and a christening - or just anytime.

Is that right for you? Welcome in!


Lyst Summer!

The shop is always open :)

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What form takes gold edges in life for you?

Welcome to share my vision of value of handicraft in natural materials, inspiration in Folk Art and a longlasting fashion, outside trends, as the prairie points  - poor man´s lace- from local tradition.

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Lyst Form AB

The company Lyst Form is situated in Ludvika, Darlecarlia, in Sweden. The shop is here on internet.

Pernilla Hoffer Jansson, a former textile teacher, is the one who runs the company, takes care of the most things, but takes help sewing products to have in stock, or to big orders.


Slow Living Fashion

You are welcome to share my vision of materials of Nature, Design based on Nature, Handicraft and Folk Art. Time to think and a longlifed "fashion" standing outside the trends, more like few products, but "better", intresting and uniqe design - That is Slow Fashion.

In my own way I want to add my tribute to the work that was done, often by women at  home. I want to contribute to an understanding and respekt for the time, the work, and the knowledge that lives in handicraft. It is a link of fate over time, and we are all a part of it.

Slow Living and Slow Fashion are conceptions of an intentional attitude including less environmental-impact.

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Lyst Form AB - Gonäsheden 31, 771 94 Ludvika - www.lystform.se -  e-postadress - 070-37480 46
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