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Washing and care of Linen

Face it, the textile will be dirty, but that should not be bad. A textile shall be washable.

A garment in cotton or linen can be washed in 60 °C, or even 90°C, but a garment is more than its material. It may be that the construction of the garment, the details and sewing makes it best to recommend washing in a lower temperature and milder way. It may be good to put the garment into a washing bag, a pillow case or something to spare the garment. The washing then will not tear the seams so badly. Follow the washing instructions in the garment, it there are some.

Treat spots. If possible, take protein spots out of the textile as soon as possible, using cold water. Milk, for example, contains protein and it will coagulate if warmed, (as boiling eggs) so it is a good idea to wash it out cold and not get yellow spots on the material.
Often spots on the garment are removable by usual washing. If not, try to prepare the spots before washing by smoothen washing powder at them, or spot-remove-liquid.

If the garment is all white, the possibility of bleaching the garment exists, as a last step.

A linen garment is good to soak before washing. Maybe there is a washing program excluding centrifuging, that can be used? The soaking is to give the linen fibres a chance to swell and do not get permanent lasting wrinkles. Centrifuging has to be very mildly or not at all, of the same reason. This is most important concerning coloured linen fabric, all linen that are not all white. The wrinkles are white, and are not visible at white fabric like they are at coloured fabric.

Iron linen at a moisture fabric and at warm temperature. If the fabric is very creased, moisture the dress, and put it in a plastic bag over night. The moisture will spread well into the entire dress, and swell the fibres and the ironing will be much easier.

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