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This is how to shop in Lysts E-shop.

In this website "cookies" are used, to save the information of what is put in the shopping basket. You have to allow cookies in your browser to be able to shop.

Is it not possible to allow cookies, you may shop by a common e-mail.

To choose articles
It is a meny to the left in the shop. Here you can see the selection of items to shop, and some information too.
The categories are often expandable and shows by click more categories. The result of the clicking, the items in the category, is shown in the center window in the shop.

The items are shown by a picture and some text inlcuding price in SEK/Euro.  Customers can "read more" and get more information of the item, and from there put it in the shopping basket, if wished.

Shopping basket and checkout
To look into the shopping basket, click on the word "cart" at he right side high at the shop. The cart is than shown in the center window in the shop. Here you can see the information of the articles in the cart, change the articles. To order, you can go on from here.

At the checkout, information of the order is shown. The customer can choose delivery adress, freight and payment method.

Actual payment methods are payments direct to Lyst account, or creditcard payment.

Please read the Buying conditions. To fulfill an order they have to be agreed. After sending an order, an e-mail is sent to the customer as confirmation of the orders sending.

Regretting order, purchase on approval
According to law, buying at a distance the customer has 14 days of approval. Please contact Lyst before returning anything. If not anything agreed, the return shipping is on cost of the customer. Every item returned has to be undamaged, unused and clean in orginal emballage.

More information see the Buying conditions.

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