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Buying Conditions

1. Order
Order is complete first when Lyst has confirmed the order manually. An automatical respons of the order will occur in short time. If anything such as delivery time will change the customer will be told. The goods are Lysts till then full payment is done. Please note customer have to be 18 to order from Lyst.

Your privacy is important and we are comitted to protecting that private when you shop with us. We never share your personal information with any other business or organization, without your permission.

2. Prices
All prices are basically in SEK, swedish crowns, including VAT.  Ordering from outside the EU is taxfree. The shop will handle it automatically. If not please contact Lyst.

Customs may be added at your import.

3. Paying conditions
Lyst offers some diffrent alternatives för payments


Secure payment from your bank as a regular invioce to Lyst account. No need telling the world your card number. Shipping as soon as confirmed payment to:

 - Pg 602569-6
 - Bg 762-4596

From Abroad, outside Sweden
Iban: SE1795000099603406025696, Bic: NDEASESS

Normal delay for paying transaktion is up to 2 days, to reach Lyst. Please tell ordering number or name at transaktion if paying to account. We hold the items for you one month. Please tell if you want to cancel your order.

3.2 Creditcard
In cooperation by DIBS, in Lyst shop. VISA Eurocard Mastercard

3.3 Payson
Credit card, bank by email, mobile or tablet.
Support in swedish, finnish and english. VISA /Mastercard and Swedish internetbanks; Swedbank, Handelsbanken, SEB and Nordea.


3.4 Klarna

Invoice, card, bank. In cooperation with Handelsbanken, Nordea, SEB, Swedbank, Visa, Mastercard och  American Express.
Private persons.
More information https://www.klarna.com/uk/personal

4. Shipping
Your orders will be shipped by the swedish Post, DHL or Schenker. The freight cost is based on the weight and added to the total sum.
Each delivery that has an id-number, which will be announced by e-mail or SMS. To track the shipping enter the website of the transporter.

5. Delivery
Items in stock are normally delivered in 7 days, after confirmed order. Items not in stock are marked by "Made after asking" or similar and delivery time is told separately.

6. Delays
If delay in delivery, caused by third part happens, it is out of our control and we haven´t the responsibility.  We always keep you updated if we only can.

7. Transport damage
Together with our transport partners we do our best to secure the delivery to you. In case of customer sending someting back, the responibility is on the customer and transporting company.

8. Damaged delivery
As you recieve your delivery, please make sure the package is not damaged. If the wrapping and/or the items inside are damaged, please tell your Postcenter or transporter. Save the confirmation you shall get, saying your goods is damaged. We appreciate telling us as soon as possible, but latest in a week.

Turn to:
Lyst Form, Gonäsheden 31, S-771 94 Ludvika, + 46 70-37480 46,

9.Cooling - off period
According to swedish law you have the right as privat customer (Not for companies)  to regret your buy in 14 days after you have recieved the delivery. If so, the customer charges the return freight.

Purchase on approval/Cooling-off period  is only accepted from seller if the items can be returned in unused, clean and undamaged way.  If not Lyst will hold /part of/ the repayment.
Purchase on approval is not valid for items that are personally adjusted.

If your delivery is not what you ordered, or anyhow wrong, Lyst of course takes it in return for free. Contact Lyst  for agreement.

10. Returns
If you want to make a complaint about a wrong delivered item or a damaged item, please take contact wihtin a week. Always save the original package and the payment confirmation.

11. Repayment
Repayments are made after agreement and to the customers account. It will occur wihtin 5 working days after Lyst recieved and approved your return.

12. Reservations
Lyst do not take responsibility for changes in prices, false information, chages from our suppliers etc, that we can not control.
Force major; in case of war, natural disaster and similar out of Lysts control, Lyst do not take responsibility.

Lyst always do the best we can. We want happy customers! If we can not get a agreement Lyst follows the rekommodations of ARN. (
The National Board for Consumer Disputes)

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Lyst Form AB - Gonäsheden 31, 771 94 Ludvika - www.lystform.se -  e-postadress - 070-37480 46
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